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Desperatex4 started this conversation
HI, I'm currently homeless with my 4 children. I have been struggling to be able to save up enough money to get us a place or our own again. We stay 1 to 2 nights here and there. Where ever we can so I can make sure that they can get a bath and at least be clean. I work but it's just not enough for me to be able to get a room for a week. My heart is broken every night when my children ask me "where are we sleeping tonight mama?" No mother wants to hear that. We have been doing this for almost 3 months now. Everything will be greatly appreciated not just by me but my children also. I love them so much and I'm afraid I'm going to lose them. May God bless anybody that helps us in our desperate time of need.
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Hi you may want to ask some of the local churches for help, sometimes they will help with deposit,and first month rent. Good luck,God bless u
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Woman in the shoe 2
Hi this is a info site put there or places that helps with first month rent and deposit. Type need help with bills city and state if you don't see it under city state put county and state you see a list of places that can help. Also sent you work and your pay low sign up for food stamps also try and get in low income housing you can sign up in more than one county. Hope this information helps you. When u get a place come back and let me know how you are doing. Hope you the best. Till next time
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